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3 Mistakes You Make When Vacuuming


If you've ever finished vacuuming and it still looks dirty or seems to re-soil quickly, you might be making some of these common vacuuming mistakes!

1. You are vacuuming too quickly. We know that you want to get your chores done as soon as possible, vacuuming is no exception. However, when you speed over your carpets, you miss a lot of dirt, dust and other allergens. Going over your carpets slowly allows the brush to agitate the carpet and suck up more ground-in dirt.

2. You are only vacuuming in one direction. Dust and Dirt gets trapped under carpet fibers when you only move in one direction. However, this problem is easily fixed when you move in a back and forth motion. Vacuuming north to south and east to west and going over the same area a couple of times, while changing directions will give you the best results possible.

3. You didn't adjust your vacuum. When vacuuming different textures and floors, it's required that you adjust your vacuum cleaner to fit the carpet. Making sure it is the proper height for your carpet will make vacuuming more efficient. Another commonly missed item is a full vacuum bag or dirty filter. For the best suction, it's recommended that you empty the bag once it's halfway full and wash or replace your filters regularly.

Vacuuming regularly and properly will reduce the amount of dirt and allergens in your home, however only a regular deep cleaning has enough power to remove the ground-in grime deep in your carpets. NatureWise Chem-Dry provides superior Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning services to remove more allergens and bacteria from your home than traditional steam cleaners. You can keep your carpets looking newer and brighter, with the added benefit of having a healthier home too!