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3 Common Allergens Found in Your Carpets


1. Dust Mites

Dust mites live in carpets and feed off the dead skin shed by people and animals alike. However, it really isn’t the mite that causes your allergy and asthma symptoms. Unfortunately, and grossly, it’s their excrement (poop). Dust mites have an enzyme in their gut that remains in the excrement. This enzyme is a major contributor to allergy symptoms like wheezing.

Dust Mite Picture  

2. Pollen:

Pollen causes allergies for a lot of people and can worsen asthma symptoms as well. It can get tracked in on clothing, shoes, pets and come in through open doors and windows. As we walk over our carpets the pollen can get ground in and trapped or kicked up into the as we step.  

Pollen on a bee on a yellow flower

3. Pet Dander:

       You may be thinking that your allergies come from your pet’s hair. However, it comes from a protein in the skin, feces and urine of your pet! Dander does change based on species and more people have reported having worse allergies and asthma symptoms in homes with cats versus homes with dogs.Cat laying down on couch

        Lastly there is house dust, which is a concoction of suffering for our respiratory afflicted friends. House dust contains dead skin cells, hair, dander, dust mites and their excrement, mold, pollen and more.

Luckily, with regular vacuuming and deep carpet cleaning you can reduce the number of allergens in your home and reduce the symptoms! NatureWise Chem-Dry is here to clean for your health! With our carpet and upholstery cleaning services we remove on average, 98% of household allergens! Give us a call today and breathe easier tomorrow!